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Opening its doors back in 1991, The Foundry has been at the heart of the Sheffield and UK climbing scenes ever since. Almost two decades on, the centre continues to provide a world class environment for climbers, whether you're new to the sport or about to tick your first Font 8b!

The blog will keep you up to date with the activity and achievements that are going on in and around The Foundry.

Hope to see you soon! - Neil Bentley (Centre Manager)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

... And now for something completely different.....

Elsewhere in the centre this week, the yellow slab has had a complete reset..........

..... that means there's more new routes on the top rope lines than you can shake a stick at!


More holds have gone onto the traverse corridor this week..............

Numbers 1 - 10, and all the letters of
alphabet can now be found about the corridor.

These bright, juggy holds will make climbing in the traverse corridor far more engaging for the youngsters.

Moreover, there is now a dedicated kid's section in the traverse corridor, with lots of easy traverses with friendly juggy holds. There are also removable foam obstacles in place to make the climbing that little bit more challenging!

The Foundry sees more and more young climbers coming through its doors each day, and we hope that such enhancements to the centre will help to encourage even more kids to take up the sport!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

El Corridor de la Muerte!

That's right folks, the traverse corridor is now complete!

There's still more stuff to go on, but the fresh new paintjob is done, and new holds, volumes and some challenging features only traverses are up.

The Features only traverse on the left hand side has been significiantly improved, but the main action is on the right hand side, where you will find a pockets traverse (around font 6b+) and an edges traverse (at font 6c+), with endless eliminate possibilities.

The far end of the corridor is going to be set with younger climbers in mind, so watch this space over the next couple of weeks as more traverses are added!

- Tom

Friday, 21 August 2009

Moon Landing!

The Livingstone Wall is now sponsored by Moon Climbing (click here to go to Moonclimbing.com)!

As well as a new logo we have added extra placements for holds to allow for more creative routesetting.

After Dan and Tim had finished all the paintwork, the wall has also had a complete reset by Rob.

So, along with the traverse corridor, furnace reset and
the new routes on the main wall, the Livingstone wall reset means there's plenty of new stuff to get on at the Foundry.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Storm Brewing on the Wave!......

Are you feeling that its too warm in the current heat & humidity to hit the crags? Thinking of retreating indoors to train?

Well you will now find two large electric fans located around the Wave & Bleaustone bouldering walls to help keep you cool while climbing at the Foundry........

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New Lead Routes

The lads are working hard to re-set almost the entire Furnace, giving you a whole wall full of new routes ready for the winter season.

We also have two new 7a's on the FiveTen wall.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Behind closed curtains...........

.......... well, a rather large dust sheet actually..

..... work has now begun on refurbishment of the traverse corridor. Hand crafted resin features, a bunch of Rob's bespoke volumes, and some brand new holds will now give much more varied climbing in the corridor.

Moreover, changes to our music system over the past few months mean that the traverse corridor now has a dedicated speaker, pumping out the same tunes as in the main hall.
Watch this space for more details - we'll post pictures of the end result very shortly........

View Simon Wright's artwork at The Foundry

Things are a-changin' at the Foundry this week. First, to go with our new paintjob, The Foundry now hosts a number of artworks by Simon Wright.

Visit Simon's website - Hard Slog Art Studio

- Tom