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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Five Ten V10 replacement

It looks as though 5.10 have finally brought out a direct replacement of the much-loved V10 slipper. The new shoe is being called the 5.10 Team and it pretty much like a V10 with an single velcro strap added.

You might be thinking this isn't news - pictures of it have been around on the forums for a while now but I've learnt not to judge a rock shoe until I've had it on my foot. A shoe that looks great in a picture can turn out to be terrible. Luckily, I had the chance to try them on at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

So, what can I tell you, having tried it on a couple of times? The Team does seem to be built on the same last shape as the V10 and Dragon which will please a lot of people. It felt pretty good to me pulling it on for the first time. I'd guess it might be a little softer out of the box than the V10 but I could be wrong – I haven't worn any V10s for quite a while now. It has the new Mystique rubber that is on the Project but in a sensible thickness and with the usual horseshoe midsole so it isn't as crazily soft as the Project. The velcro strap should work well but does mean that this is not going to be priced like slippers of old – expect to pay top wack for this one. Lastly, the tow rubber is proper rubber, not stealth paint like the Jet7 but it does give a bit and is a sensible thickness so I doubt anyone will feel the need to take a razor to it.

There are lots of things that we won't know until these have got to the shops and on peoples feet in the real world (like how much they might stretch) but so far the Team seems to be the first real V10 replacement.

Five Ten are making a limited production run of these for this Autumn so we should get some in around September or October. They will be widely available in the UK in Spring 10.