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Friday, 28 October 2011

Bouldering League Fever + Photos!

The first round of the Foundry Winter Bouldering League nears! 

I've been to pick up a few more boxes of holds this week. The steady trickle will become a torrent next week when the bulk of our holds order comes in..

I have to say, it is rather enjoyable unwrapping all these bundles of bolt on resin. We've now got a lot of rather bright and clean holds crated up and ready to be set with.

The plan this year is to have a competition circuit. This will be in place of the current level two circuit, and will consist of 25 problems through a range of difficulty levels.

The comps this year are gearing up to be pretty great. On the night there'll be raffles for Fiveten rockshoes and CragX vouchers, as well as a special flash problem, with a £40 cash prize. (And it won't be absolutely nails, so it'll be quite open!).

I'm quite excited; and I'm not really very excitable normally.

All that remains now is a long stressful day for Rob and the route setting team, and a bit of finger crossing that other people will get excited too.

Hopefully see you down the wall on comp night. The first round is on Monday night, 7th November. It's gonna be be a doozer.

To reiterate, the dates are: